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The Mixed-up Summer of Lily McLean

  • The Mixed-up Summer of Lily McLean
  • Release Date
    23rd April 2015
    Floris Books

Lily’s already got plenty going on living with a moody teenage sister, two feral brothers and a messy baby sister. Mum and Gran are stressed to the max, both dads are out of the picture and the cats aren’t exactly pulling their weight. But when she starts getting mixed-up warnings not to go on holiday to the tiny, safe Scottish island of Cumbrae, her summer just gets weirder and weirder.

The thing is, whoever’s talking to Lily doesn’t even seem to know she’s doing it. If she’s a ghost, she’s not a very good one. And there’s something about her that Lily finds awfully, spine-tinglingly familiar. . .

Spend the summer with Lily McLean in this beautifully written, laugh-out-loud adventure by Kelpies Prize winner Lindsay Littleson.

‘What we need now, as one storm follows the last, is a summery book. And The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean is it. Scottish summer, but still…This is actually rather nice. It’s not just the family’s circumstances or lack of money and drunken ex-stepdad and friend problems, and skipping the last week of school. You think you know what you are in for, and then the ghostliness adds another dimension to what could have been a fairly ordinary story. You can tell something major must happen, but what, and how? Admirably short and an easy read, but still full of everything that’s important in life. And now I want to go to Cumbrae.’
— Bookwitch

‘Funny, beautifully written, original and finally extremely moving, this is young teen fiction at its best.’
— Nicholas Tucker, Carousel

‘At heart, this is a book about family and friendship, all tied together with a clever supernatural plot that resolves itself beautifully. Lily is an engaging narrator, very fond of lists that adorn the start of each chapter, and her friends and family are a diverse and interesting group. … This is an amazingly assured d├ębut novel. Lindsay Littleson is a terrific writer, and I for one can’t wait to see what she writes next.’
— John K. Fulton,

‘… a charming story set on the West Coast of Scotland. This is a perfect summer story all about families, friends and well some very weird happenings.’
— Armadillo

‘This is a gently thought-provoking book, beautifully paced and cleverly structured and it should be on the shelves of every junior school library. Four stars.’
— Books for Keeps

‘A summer read to be read at any time of year. 10/10’
— Nayu’s Reading Corner

‘A gripping and exciting read that gets a big thumbs up from us.’

‘… a fun and quirky read, ideal for fans of Jacqueline Wilson and Sarah Webb.’
— Children’s Books Ireland